• You are the owner of the physical precious metal

    Precious metals are regularly purchased for our customers. NLFY buys for all customers, whether savings plan or one-time investment, based on the official prices of the world market. Gold is purchased in 1 kg of ingots and silver in 15 kg of ingots or granules. Deposits are possible from 50 € alternatively or on both precious metal accounts

    The precious metal supplier delivers precious metals exclusively from renowned refineries that comply with the London Good Delivery Standard.

    The precious metals of the customers are available at any time. In addition to the possibility of paying the sales proceeds, the precious metals can also be delivered to your home.

  • Special features of the precious metal account

    You are the owner of the physically deposited precious metals

    Profits are tax-free after 12 months

    Safekeeping outside the banking system

    Transparent 24h online account management

    More silver for your money through customs-and VAT-free storage

    Individual weighting of the precious metals gold and silver

    No closing fee

    no runtime binding

    Always available

    High security duty free warehouse in the St. Gotthard massif in Switzerland

  • This is a significant shopping benefit that the NLFY community uses. Take advantage of this uniqueness and invest in these precious metals.

  • Open you inflation-protected account for free!


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